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Good Time Music Service

Thank you for considering Good Time Music Service (GTMS) for your event! I started this company in 2005 - simply wanting to persue my passion for mixing and playing music. As I quickly discovered, there are plenty of DJs in the area. For every quality DJ there are at least two or three that, unfortunately, are just bad. It was early on that I knew Good Time Music Service needed to represent quality, punctuality, and professionalism. You won't find the microphone loving DJ in a sequined tuxedo playing the hokey-pokey here at GTMS.

There are no confusing package based prices when working with GTMS nor are there ridiculously priced add ons. What is the point of paying for a DJ if you also have to pay extra for them to provide every piece of equipment? We have simple and clearly explained pricing that varies slightly based on travel and the few extras we do provide.

Check out the website and if you still have questions I urge you to call or email. We would be thrilled to make your wedding, corporate event, walk/run, or other event a fantastic time.

Chris Scherer
Good Time Music Service

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